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George Cole Auctions

Auctioneers Are The Original Recyclers

What We Sell: From One Item To Full Estate or Business Contents… We Sell The Earth And Everything Attached. Furniture & Furnishings, Glassware, China, Artwork, Rugs, Quilts, Apparel, Cars, Boats, Planes, Trains, Real Estate, Equipment, Estate Items, Commercial Items, Farm Items, Specialty Items, Bulk Items, Almost Anything Of Value That Is Legal To Sell!!!

We’ve been in the auction business for 47 years and have been voted Best In The Hudson Valley 16 times. It’s always amazing to see some of the odd unique and unusual items that have gone across our block… Try us out!!!

We have Estate Merchandise auctions every 4 or 5 weeks, and typically have 2-4 auctions worth of merchandise in storage waiting to be sold at any given time so the sooner we get your merchandise the sooner it gets sold.

We work hard for our sellers because we charge sellers for our services based on commission. So the more we make for you, the more we make for us. Commission rate and consignment terms are set at the time of consignment. And Payments go in the mail with a full accounting on or about 45 days after the sale.

To make sure we get the best bidders we deploy multi-level marketing which includes some or all of the following: Keyword advertising, exposure on auction and other relevant papers and periodicals, live internet bidding on multiple platforms, marketing and alerts through social media and email, post card notifications through USPS, left/absentee bidding direct with us and online, live phone bidding, and anything else we can think of to make you absolutely stinking filthy rich!!!

Please call us at 845.758.9114 or send email WITH PICS IF POSSIBLE to GeorgeCole@GeorgeColeAuctions.com