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What We Sell

We specialize in Estate Liquidation, and the sale of Real Estate and Antiques. We are also experienced in selling Vehicles and Boats of all types, Farm Machinery and Equipment , Commercial Equipment Liquidation, as well as many other items too numerous to mention.

With 44+ years of operation, we have established an outstanding base of both sellers and buyers. This helps to ensure a fair price for both seller and buyer. Currently the bulk of our sales include quality antique items and furnishings and Real Estate. Most of the merchandise we sell is handpicked from local estates, and sold with no-reserve.

How We Sell It

With the exception of Real Estate Sales which occur on-site, most of our sales are conducted in our comfortable air-conditioned auction hall. We do from time to time, as the situation may dictate, conduct on-site auctions.

Typcially people email a few snapshots to us at georgecole@georgecoleauctions.com, to which we review and reply or call to discuss further and we can set an appointment to meet with potential sellers and preview the mechandise to be sold. After we determine which merchandise will be be sold, we inventory the merchandise, carefully pack it up and leave a receipt. We then store the merchandise until it is time to be auctioned. (We usually have at least two auctions in storage at any given time and items may not be included in the next auction.) When it is time for the merchandise to be auctioned, we bring it out of storage, clean it up and advertise it both in print media and on the internet to bring the best value, and finally at last we sell it. On the 4th Friday following an auction we send a check for the proceeds along with a computer print-out showing results of each lot sold. Phew... and you thought auctioneers just turn the lights on and start talking fast!

Real Estate Selling

Another one of our specialties is the sales of Real Esate. We are a New York State licensed brokerage and can help handle any your Real Estate sales/purchase needs. You will find a few results and other information on our Real Estate page. Some situations will see better results by auction method, Some situations are better served by a conventional "MLS"-style listing. We are capable of both. Before you sign a listing ask us what the differences are.

Online & Live Online Selling

There is no denying that there are drawbacks to selling merchandise over the internet. With ID theft on the rampage, internet shoppers and internet auction sellers have learned the importance of dealing with reputable auction houses. We believe that in most cases buyers would prefer to touch, feel and carefully look over items before buying. Some items sold via internet auctions just do not get good results. Though there are drawbacks to internet auctions for buyers who must make decisions with limited information, there are also some very attractive aspects of live internet auctions and it has become crucial to getting best market exposure, because the most attractive aspect of all is the broad market of buyers. We are experienced in selling items via internet auctions and can help you avoid the costly and aggravating pitfalls. Email us pictures, or call for an appointment to discuss putting your quality consignments up for auction with current best practices for online marketing.

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